Kool Capture versions

Here is the list of all versions of Kool Capture with the provided modifications.


v1.0.1 improvements compared to v1.0.0:

- bug : when you copy/paste, the selected thumbnail was not the pasted thumbnail but the last one (or the camera icon)

- bug : paste before : if there were several images copied (or cut), only the 1st pasted image was selected (should be all pasted image)

- bug : open a shot containing images, cut 1 or more images, you could not paste the copied/cut image(s)

- bug : select an image, cut it, UNDO => the image comes back BUT the monitor image was still the previous although the cut image was selected.

- bug : if you had enough images to have the scrollbar visible and put the scrollbar in the middle, if you copied an image in the middle and pasted it, the selected thumbnail went to the complete left

- bug : if you opened a plan, made an image, copied/pasted it 10 times, went to image 5, pasted it 6 times, then selected the followings images, the monitor images were black


v1.0.0 improvements compared to v0.8.3 Beta:

- webview in Kool Capture when a new version online is detected with what's new in this new version

- when downloading the new version, the Kool Capture website is opened before downloading

- menu help send to the tutorial page on Kool Capture website

- 'Project Manager' menu item moved to 'Window menu'

- disable copy/cut/paste when a modal window is opened

- disable menu when modal window is opened

- stop play shot while opening a modal window

- disable 'export film' if there is no image in the shot

- 'select all' action now allows copy/cut even if the liveview was selected

- import from photo bucket now allow copy/cut even if the liveview was selected

- when moving from one shot (or one project) to another, the history for undo/redo is emptied

- bug : the bug while moving from a workspace with projects to an empty workspace is now solved

- bug : play button now come back to its normal state at the end of playback

- when timelapse window is opened, menu is disabled

- when starting a timelapse, the 'close' button disapears, you can't close anymore the timelapse window while timelapse is on

- the 'play' button turns into 'stop' button while playing

v0.8.3 Beta

v0.8.3 Beta improvements compared to v0.8.0 Beta:

- adding the detection of a new version of Kool Capture if the computer is connected

- export project : modification of the name of the images in relation of the shot name

- export project : export of the sound in the shot folder if there was a sound in the shot

- short playback : possibility of changing the number of images of the short playback in the 'Preferences' panel. The number of images is indicated while rolling over the short playback button.

- export video : choice given to export the video with or without sound in the shot export window

- bug export video : export in video now works on OS 10.6.8 Mac

- bug create project/shot : you are not allowed anymore to create a project or a shot with a space at the end of the name

- bug import sound : import a sound from the shot folder doesn't provoke a bug anymore

v0.8.0 Beta

Kool Capture v0.8.0 Beta improvements compared to Hyde Stop Motion:

- sound import in a shot (accepted filetypes: .mp3 .wav .aiff .ogg) to serve as audio guideline. Indication of the name of the imported sound and option to delete it.

- shot export in h264 video format with the sound if there was one in the shot or without sound.

- adding a refresh button for the detection of the webcam in case the webcam was plugged after launching Kool Capture.

- adding an “export projet” (sequence of images) in the 'project manager' panel for exporting the whole project at once.

- adding a webcam icon in the timeline for a direct access to the liveview.

- suppression of the notion of Takes.

- solving of some residuals bugs (sound import on PC, problems of black images, etc).