Your most current questions about Kool Capture

Well, we don't really know why... Apple may have changed the way they manage webcams and the Adobe hardware detection used by Kool Capture doesn't work anymore. We try and find a solution for this problem but we depend a lot on Adobe for that.
No, DSLR cameras are not recognised. Kool Capture was concieved to work with a USB webcam only, although the integrated webcam on some laptop may be detected.
The webcam used during the development of Kool Capture is the Logitech C930e, this is the one we recommand.
All USB webcam should be detected by Kool Capture, but it is impossible for us to test them all.
Try to branch your webcam on another USB port on your computer, and click inside Kool Capture on the refresh button for webcam detection.
No, this function is not yet developed.
Yes, it's normal. If you don't have Adobe Air already installed on your computer, you have to install it to run Kool Capture.
There was a change of sources structure between Hyde Stop Motion and Kool Capture (the notion of takes was deleted), so, no, your can't directly import a Hyde project into a Kool Capture project.
Still, you can import the jpg images (jpg folder) of your old Hyde project/shot/takes into a new project/shot in Kool Capture by clicking 'File/import image' in Kool Capture.
Using timelapse on a laptop, you must disable the standby mode by changing the settings of your system.
During the standby mode, Kool Capture still captures images but has only access to the last image before the standby mode. This image is then repeated as long as the standby mode is on.