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Kool Capture delivers information and practical knowledge in the field of stop-motion animation. It caters to educators and mentors, as well as all those who wish to acquire useful information and master the basic skills required for the creation of stop-motion animated film.

You can freely download the Kool Capture Animation software, a dedicated application which capture and manipulates images with a simple webcam and a computer.

Warning : on Mac, since the High Sierra upgrade (> 10.13), webcams are no more detected in Kool Capture! We recommand not to upgrade to High Sierra if you want to use or keep using Kool Capture.

Mac Version Windows Version
V 1.0.1

Kool Capture was developped with a special attention paid to keep it simple to use so it can be easily manipulated by children during workshops.

The software is available in 4 languages : English, French, Spanish et Slovenian.

Be aware that DSLR cameras are not supported.

Kool Capture Animation is an upgrade of Hyde Stop Motion. Discover what is new in Kool Capture. more...

KC Tutorial

The tutorial for Kool Capture will guide you through your firsts steps in using the sofware and discover its functionalities. more...

Learn animation

This includes practical information on stop-motion and animation filmmaking. more...


Watch some films made with Kool Capture in pedagogical workshops. more...


The list of all versions of Kool Capture with the provided modifications. more...


The most frequent questions about Kool Capture. more...


The partners of Kool Capture. more...

Your comments, observations and remarks are most welcome and will be taken into account during further development.

Feel free to let us know : info@koolcapture.com

Dr. J. Kool

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